Department of Administration
Department of Administration
Department of Administration


​​​​​​​​​​​​The Department of Administration oversees 16 agencies and divisions, as well as provides oversight for the functions of several boards and commissions. On this page, you will find each agency's director, phone number, URL address, and a brief description of the agency's role in state government.
2024 Agency Informational Fact Sheets​​
These Agency Informational Fact Sheets provide general information, such as enabling legislation, the primary missions and functions of each agency, funding, challenges, legislative matters, pending issues and relevant contact information.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Larry Copley, Director
304-558-0403 //
The Aviation Division enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of state government by providing safe and professional aviation support by reducing travel time and increasing productivity for the state executives.​
Kenny Yoakum 
Melody Duke, Executive Director
Board of Risk and Insurance Management
304-766-2646 //
The primary responsibility for the Board of Risk and Insurance Management is to provide casualty insurance coverage for all state agencies.
Melody Duke 
Jeff Fleck, Executive Director
Consolidated Public Retirement Board
304-558-3570 //
The Consolidated Public Retirement Board is responsible for the administration of all State retirement plans for educational employees, public employees, deputy sheriffs, judges, and public safety personnel.
Jeff Fleck 
Kimberly Weber, Executive Director
Ethics Commission
304-558-0664 //
The Ethics Commission implements and enforces a code of ethical conduct enacted by the Legislature for public servants.
Kimberly Weber 
Kim Nuckles, Director
Office of Equal Opportunity
304-558-0400 //
The Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) Office was established to prevent and eliminate unlawful employment discrimination and to promote diversity in West Virginia state government.
Kim Nuckles 
Dave Mullins, Acting Director
Finance Division
304-558-6181 //
The Finance Division provides the financial management of the state's resources.
Dave Mullins 
Kenny Yoakum, Executive Director
Fleet Management Division
304-558-2106 //
The Fleet Management Division oversees all aspects of the fleet operation for the state of West Virginia, which consists of more than 7,000 state-owned passenger vehicles and aircraft.
Kenny Yoakum 
John McHugh, Director
General Services Division
304-558-2317 //
The General Services Division is comprised of several units, which functions include providing operations and maintenance, custodial services and grounds maintenance.
Michelle Bradley, Director
Public Employees Grievance Board
304-558-3361 //
The Public Employees Grievance Board provide the employees and employers of the state a procedure for resolving problems arising in employment within agencies.
Michelle Bradley 
Heather Abbott, Chief Information Officer
Office of Technology
The Office of Technology develops an organized approach to information resource management for this state while providing technical assistance to sta​te entities.
Michelle Bradley 
Sheryl Webb, Director
Division of Personnel
304-558-3950 //
The Division of Personnel was created to provide leadership in human resource management for the executive operating agencies of state government.
Sheryl Webb 
Philip W. Morrison II, Executive Director
Prosecuting Attorneys Institute
304-558-3348 //
The Prosecuting Attorneys Institute provides training, service, support and resources to prosecutors, staff and law enforcement.
Philip W. Morrison II 
Dana Eddy, Executive Director
Public Defender Services
304-558-3905 //
​The Public Defender Services funds all indigent defense for the state.
Dana Eddy 
Brian Cunningham, Director
Public Employees Insurance Agency
304-558-7850 //
The Public Employee Insurance Agency was established to provide insurance coverage to eligible employees, and to establish and promulgate rules for the a​dministration of these plans.​​​​

Samantha Willis, Purchasing Director
Purchasing Division
304-558-0492 //
The Purchasing Division​ was created to establish centralized offices to provide purchasing and travel services to the various state agencies.
Samantha Willis 
Arlie Hubbard, Executive Director
Real Estate Division
304-558-3062 //
The Real Estate Division acts upon behalf of the Secretary of Administration to select and acquire by contract of leases all grounds, buildings, and office space.​