Our Mission Statement
The Department of Administration strives to operate a cost-efficient, customer-oriented service department whose actions are transparent to the taxpayers resulting in innovative solutions and quality results for a government that effectively serves West Virginians.

Department of Administration
Building 1, Room E119
1900 Kanawha Blvd East
Charleston, WV 25305
Phone 304-558-4331
Fax 304-558-2999
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 Agency Leaders


Chip McDowell, Director

304-558-0403 // 

Me​lody Duke, Executive Director
Board of Risk and Insurance Management
304-766-2646 // www.brim.wv.gov


Jeff Fleck, Executive Director
Consolidated Public Retirement Board

304-558-3570 //

Kimberly Weber, Executive Director   

Ethics Commission
304-558-0664 // www.ethics.wv.gov


Kim Nuckles, Director
Office of Equal Employment Opportunity
304-558-0400 // www.eeo.wv.gov 




Dave Mullins, Acting Director

Finance Division
304-558-6181 // www.finance.wv.gov


Kenny Yoakum, Executive Director
Fleet Management Office
304-558-2106 // www.fleet.wv.gov


Bill Barry, Director
General Services Division
304-558-2317 // www.generalservices.wv.gov


Michelle Bradley, Director​
Public Employees Grievance Board
304-558-3361 // www.pegb.wv.gov


Josh Spence, Chief Technology Officer

Office of Technology
304-558-8101 // www.technology.wv.gov

Sheryl Webb, Director
Division of Personnel
304-558-3950 // www.personnel.wv.gov

Philip W. Morrison II, Executive Director
Prosecuting Attorneys Institute
304-558-3348 // www.pai.wv.gov

Dana Eddy, Executive Director
Public Defender Services

304-558-3905 //

Jason Haught, Acting Director​JasonHaught_2021.jpg
Public Employees Insurance Agency
304-558-7850 // www.wvpeia.com

Mike Sheets, Director
Purchasing Division

304-558-2306 //

John McHugh, Executive Director 
Real Estate Division

304-558-3062 //