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Department of Administration
Department of Administration

Employee of the Month Summary List

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Note: The Employee of the Year is shown in red.


​​January - Billy Graham, General Services
February - Trina Sweeney, PEIA
March - Tracy Batman, CPRB
April - Bradlee Wolfe, Office of Technology
May - Mary Youngblood, Personnel​



January​ - Teresa Burdette, PEIA
February - Kevin Kerns, CPRB​
March - Sharon Whittaker, CPRB
April - Tara Lyle, Purchasing​
May - Amy Hayes, Personnel​
June - Chris Bogges​s, CPRB
July - Donna Lipscomb, Office of Technology​​
August - John Nichols, General Services
September - Diane Corker, Finance
October - Mallory Thompson, Public Defender Services
November - Teresa Taylor, Fleet Management​
DecemberAndrew Lore, Office of Technology​​​​​


January - Andrew Spangler, PEIA
February​ - Linda Harper, Purchasing​
​March - Renee Brooks, General Services
​April - Sarah Smith, Finance
​May - Kevin Cecil, Office of Technology​
​June - Chris Barr, CPRB
​July - Cal Colangelo, Personnel
August - David Lawrence, General Services
​September - Steve Pinkerton, ​​General Services
October - Krista Chadband, Purchasing
November - Leigh Jackson, Fleet
December - Cody Rose, Surplus Property​


January - Derek Bailey, Office of Technology
​February - Rob Worlledge, Finance
​March - Natalie Faulkner, Office of Technology
​April - Steve Bratchett, General Services
​May​ - ​Shane Hall, Purchasing
​June - Will Malone, ​Office of Technology
​July - Alysia Mil​ler, ​CPRB
​August - Cheryl Cohen​, Surplus Property​
​September - Trent Kirk, ​Finance
October - Timothy Sylvester, Fleet Management​
​​November - Lora Myers, BRIM
​​December - Kim Schleicher, Personnel
​​ ​                                         ​                                                                   


January - Beverly Reed, EEO
February - Thomas Hymes, Finance
March - Stephanne Thornton, Public Defender Services
April - Matthew Harper, Purchasing
May - Stephanie Kirk, Finance
June - Amy Newman, Office of Technology
July - Courtney Johnson, Purchasing
August - Stephanie Lane, Fleet Management
September - Cynthia Baker, Personnel
October - Lloyd McVay, General Services
November - Jennifer Fields, Purchasing
December - Joann Summers, Office of Technology


January - Patty Johns, Finance
February - Jeremiah Jones, Office of Technology
March - Misty Moore, Real Estate
April - David Scruggs, Finance
May - Raymond Jordan, General Services
June - Carol Nichols, Cabinet Secretary's Office
July - Twila Otey, Personnel
August - Jessica S. Chambers, Purchasing
September - James Parsons, Fleet Management
October - Matthew Nelson, Office of Technology
November - Tim Phillips, CPRB
December - Beverly Hedrick, PEIA


January - Heather Drake, CPRB
February - Shelly Ellis, Personnel
March - Toney Broyles, Office of Technology
April - Rick Morris, General Services
May - Andrew Sabatino, Real Estate
June - Amy Stalnaker, PEIA
July - Shelia Gray, Finance
August - Gail Delmaar-Mines, Real Estate
September - Jessica L. Chambers, Purchasing
October - Jason Fewell, Office of Technology
November - Stephen Panaro, BRIM
December - Joshua McAtee, Personnel


January - Tom Miller, PEIA
February - Crystal Rink, Purchasing
March - Philip Skeen, Office of Technology
April - Glennis Sigmon, General Services
May - Connie Byrne, Finance
June - Becky Hall, Office of Technology
July - Melody Bailey, CPRB
August - Ellen Briggs, Ethics Commission
September - Jonathan Friley, Public Defender Services
October - Mary Bolton, Personnel
November - Stephanie Mosley, Purchasing
December - Diane Corker, Finance


January - Kenneth Jackson, Real Estate
February - Adena Harvey, Office of Technology
March - Karen Gray, PEIA
April - Gail Montantez, Purchasing
May - Tim Persinger, General Services
June - Tom Allen, Office of Technology
July - Barbara Houchins, BRIM
August - Jesse Erby, General Services
September - Sue McMinn, BRIM
October - Chris Bush, CPRB
November - Mandy Parsons, FMO
December - Ruby White, Office of Technology


January - Becky Farmer, Fleet
February - Jon Hague, Personnel
March - Susan Aiello, Personnel
April - Dan Shriver, Office of Technology
May - Lu Anne Cottrill, Purchasing Division
June - Lionel Adams, CPRB
July - Frances Buchanan, PEIA
August - Charles Long, General Services Division
September - Kaye Parks, Finance Division
October - Naomi Pauley, Office of Technology
November - Jeanie Bowe, Personnel
December - Harold Young, General Services Division


January - Claudia White, CPRB
February - Franklin Buskirk, Office of Technology
March - Bob Kilpatrick, Purchasing
April - Tracy Dennis, Personnel
May - Jenny Harmon, Office of Technology
June - Jane Shinn, Finance
July - Marie Shelton, CPRB
August - Jean Brown, Personnel
September - James Easley, Office of Technology
October - Wanda White, Personnel
November - Sara Poe, CPRB
December - Heather Atkins, Public Defender Services


January - Clyde Arline, Jr., Prosecuting Attorneys Institute
February - Tierra Gable, Aviation
March - Teresa Burdette, PEIA
April - Sherry Fewell, Surplus Property
May - Samantha Knapp, Purchasing Division
June - David McCauley, CPRB
July - Patty Johns, Finance Division
August - William Dodson, General Services
September - Chris Barr, CPRB
October - Robin Rose, PEIA
November - Michael Urban, General Services
December - Yvonne McCormick, Personnel


January - Shawna Carson, CPRB
February - Mike Green, Office of Technology
March - Tim Pauley, Office of Technology
April - Tony O'Leary, Purchasing Division
May - Christine Johnson, BRIM
June - Scott Joslin, Division of Personnel
July - Tony Easley, General Services
August - Tammy White, CPRB
September - Frank Whittaker, Purchasing Division
October - Shannon Workman, Office of Technology
November - William Hargus, Office of Technology
December - Burley Williams, PEIA


January - Anthony Cooper, Surplus Property
February - Debra Asbury, CPRB
March - Jill Farrar-Brown, BRIM
April - Margaret Ingram, Purchasing
May - Sarah Hunter, CPRB
June - Diane Hudnall, Finance
July - Kelley McClanahan, Personnel
August - Mark Totten, Purchasing
September - Kelly Williams, Finance
October - Patricia Bowgren, CPRB
November - Ed McMinn, Office of Technology
December - Lisa Maurer, Office of Technology


January - Brittany Smith, CPRB
February - Theresa Kline, CPRB
March - Derek Bailey, CPRB
April - Aaron Riley, Office of Technology
May - Teresa Martin, Division of Personnel
June - Diana Lunsford, CPRB
July - Larry Layne, General Services
August - Brian Holmes, Purchasing Division
September - Carlos Fortune, Office of Technology
October - Deanne Turley, BRIM
November - Patricia Perez, PEIA
December - No recipient     


January - Wanda Casto, WVCHIP
February - Caroline Brady, CPRB
March - Lora Reese, Finance
April - Randy Briscoe, General Services
May - Tammy Patton, CPRB
June - Greg Hubbard, General Services
July - Tom Allen, Office of Technology
August - John Fernatt, BRIM
September - Nathan Merritt, Office of Technology
October - Jeanne Barnhart, Purchasing Division
November - Terry King, CPRB
December - Carles Farley, General Services


January - Crystal Cunningham, PEIA
February - Grace Morton, PEIA
March - Fred Curry, General Services
April - Diane Tittle, PEIA
May - Tierra Gable, Personnel
June - Stephen Schumacher, BRIM
July - Jennings Ashby, General Services
August - Mischa DiFilippo, BRIM
September - Kim Huffman, Office of Technology
October - Ellen Fleet, CPRB
November - Krista Ferrell, Purchasing
December - Bill Judy, Office of Technology


January - Cynthia L. Good, Technology
February - Joselyn Casto, Finance
March - Paula J. Lowe, Finance
April - Danny L. Sizemore, General Services
May - Dave Shingleton, Technology
June - Rita K. Withrow, Purchasing
July - Bob Mitts, BRIM
August - Connie Byrne, Finance
September - Joe Thomas, Personnel
October - Lisa Collins, Personnel
November - Beverly Toler, Purchasing
December - Sharon Lacey, Office of Technology


January - Rob Sayre, IS&C
February - Burley Williams, PEIA
March - Carla Pullen, Technology
April - Jane Shinn, Finance
May - Kathy Blizzard, Personnel
June - Susan Lowe, Finance
July - Debbie Pendleberry, Technology
August - Nancy Stark, Technology
September - Judy King, CPRB
October - Robert Miller, BRIM
November - Becky Keathley, Personnel
December - Betty Francisco, Purchasing


January - Lisa Tully, IS&C
February - Monta Boggs, CPRB
March - Barry Gunnoe, Purchasing
April - Martha Phillips, General Services
May - Jim Wells, Personnel
June - Velma Totten, CPRB
July - Kellie Carper, Public Defender Services
August - Sherra Barker, PEIA
September - Chuck Mozingo, BRIM
October - Eric Dye, IS&C
November - Robert Fisher, BRIM
December - Dale Newhouse, General Services


January - Mike Michaelson, General Services
February - Ron Price, Purchasing
March - Linda Dexter, BRIM
April - Maria Yoakum, IS&C
May - Arlene Furby, Personnel
June - LeeAnn Halstead, PEIA
July - John Johnston, Purchasing
August - Rick Morris, General Services
September - Carol Jarrett, Purchasing
October - Marie Terry, PEIA
November - Monroe Gillespie, IS&C
December - Larry Meninger, IS&C


January - Paul Griffith, General Services
February - Deborah Fernatt, BRIM
March - Karen Copeland, CPRB
April - Delores Huffman, Personnel
May - Bill Miller, IS&C
June - Greg Carrier, General Services
July - Michael Belcher, IS&C
August - Chrystal Lacey, PEIA
September - Tom Harper, PEIA
October - Tim Basford, Personnel
November - Chuck Schmidt, IS&C
December - Diana Davis, CPRB


January - Angela Long, Finance
February - Tammy Haynes, IS&C
March - Joann Adkins, Purchasing
April - Diana Gibson, Personnel
May - Carla Savage, BRIM
June - Shan Ferrell, Finance
July - Lorie Humphrey, IS&C
August - Diana McGinnis, General Services
September - Ken Frye, Purchasing
October - Willadean Fisher, Purchasing
November - Julie Blosser, Grievance Board
December - Sheila Straley, Finance


January - Frank Unger, General Services
February - Eric Wagner, Finance - Budget
March - David Lawrence, General Services
April - Sue Lore, IS&C
May - Genelea Pauley, CPRB
June - Jack Sells, Personnel
July - Chris Branham, General Services
August - Bev Thomas, IS&C
September - Melody Duke, BRIM
October - Yvonne Gunnoe, Finance - Accounting
November - Melvin Ashbrook, Aviation
December - Mary Bonham, CPRB


January - Sharon Horn, Personnel
February - Linda Lyter, Finance-FARS
March - Gloria Long, PEIA
April - Teresa Siders, Public Defender Services
May - Anthony Thaxton, General Services
June - Jim Bone, IS&C
July - Alice Thibodeaux, Purchasing
August - Waltt Vest, Finance-Accounting
September - Debbie Watkins, Purchasing
October - Rob Roberts, IS&C
November - Pat Powers, CPRB
December - Virgil Jones, General Services


January - Harold Loy, General Services
February - Karen Balsimo, IS&C
March - Dee Thompson Rainwater, IS&C
April - Diane Connelly, Finance-Accounting
May - Barbara Jarrell, Personnel
June - Erline Davis, CPRB
July - Wilma Garbett, IS&C
August - Sondra Meadows, IS&C
September - Bonnie Walker, Personnel
October - Patricia Roush, Personnel
November - Donald O'Brien, General Services
December - Diane Holley, Purchasing


January - Susie Samples, Personnel
February - Denise Russe, IS&C
March - Louis Pishner, General Services
April - Linda Adkins, Finance-Accounting
May - Joan Chapman, Finance-FARS
June - Ella Bowman, General Services
July - Mary Jane Arvon, CPRB
August - Joe Perks, IS&C
September - Sandy Bryan, Personnel
October - Gary Buzzard, IS&C
November - Debbie Pierson, Finance
December - Mark Isabella, Personnel


January - Janice Boggs, Purchasing
February - Gail Carpenter, IS&C
March - Lucy Suchy, Ethics Commission
April - Clinton Hoffman, Personnel
May - Steve Chionsini, IS&C
June - Lori Peal, Finance
July - Kristy James, IS&C
August - Lynn Schillings, Personnel
September - Forrest Loudin, Purchasing
October - Marilyn "Sue" Martin McMinn, BRIM
November - Sandi Keller, IS&C
December - Connie Maxwell, Finance-Accounting


January - Ginny Fitzwater, Personnel
February - Judy Barth, PEIA
March - Steve Meester, Finance
April - Deepesh Randeri, IS&C
May - Bob Withrow, General Services
June - Stephanie Chafin, IS&C
July - Barbara Thaxton, Secretary's Office
August - Michael Campbell, Personnel
September - Dan Miller, Purchasing
October - Tom Bailey, General Services
November - David Ross, Personnel
December - Cricket Powell, Grievance Board


January - Jo Ann Edwards, CPRB
February - John Beaty, IS&C
March - Jim Casto, General Services
April - Carolyn Turner, Personnel
May - Lynn Kendrick, Personnel
June - Pamela DuKate, Finance
July - Liz Martin, Finance
August - Kenneth Huffman, General Services
September - Sheila Coughlin, Public Defender
October - Sandra Woods, Finance
November - Elaine Hudson, Travel Management
December - Matthew Brown, IS&C


January - Le'Ann Arthur, General Services
February - Carolyn Egnor Saul, IS&C
March - June Sydenstricker, Personnel
April - Bill McClanahan, IS&C
May - Debbie Anderson, Personnel
June - Tammy Goad, General Services
July - Stan Chambers, Personnel
August - David White, Surplus Property
September - Annie Anderson, IS&C
October - Wilma Harrison Thompson, Purchasing
November - Martha Walker, General Services
December - Homer "Junior" Lanham, Purchasing


January - Jane Penhale, CPRB
February - Diane Tittle, PEIA
March - Kim Huffman, IS&C
April - Jackie Martin, General Services
May - Shawn Carper, Finance
June - Teresa Bowles, Personnel
July - Charlie Carte, IS&C
August - June Butterfield, BRIM
September - Cathie Fowlkes, Finance
October - Dan Gilchrist, General Services
November - Mary Clay Cummings, IS&C
December - Ronald Asbury, General Services


M​arch - Delores Hall, CPRB
April - Preston Clark, IS&C
May - Michael Riggs, IS&C
June - Charles Smith, General Services
July - Sandra Green, Purchasing
August - Gay Ellis, Finance
September - Nancy Lynch, PEIA
October - Gloria Brown, Personnel
November - Marta Dean, IS&C
December - Nancy Cerchiaro, Purchasing