West Virginia Purchasing Division, State Agency for Surplus Property
West Virginia Purchasing Division, State Agency for Surplus Property

Federal Property

WV Surplus manages the distribution of two types of federal property, the Fixed Priced Program and the Federal Donation Program. 

Fixed Price Program

Through the Federal Fixed Price Program, WV Surplus has been able to obtained a variety of police vehicles. As of October 18, 2022, the following vehicles are currently available at WV Surplus:

  • 2016 CHEVROLET IMPALA - $10,000.00
    44,617 miles      

  • 2017 FORD TAURUS - $7,000.00
    100,628 miles      

  • 2017 FORD TAURUS - $7,800.00
    103,640 miles      

  • 2018 DODGE CHARGER - $11,500.00
    73,600 miles      

  • 2017 FORD EXPLORER - $11,500.00

  • 2017 FORD EXPLORER - $11,500.00
    99,166 miles
  • 2017 FORD TAURUS - $7,000.00
    104,842 miles   

Priority access to these vehicles continues to be given to tax-supported eligible organizations, such as police or sheriff’s departments. Organizations that are interested in obtaining vehicles through the Fixed Price Program can contact WV Surplus at 304-766-2626 or by emailing WVSASP@wv.gov.


Federal Donation Program

While WV Surplus does house a small amount of federally donated property onsite, the more unique items are typically made available through the GSAXcess website. As part of the Federal Donation Program, WV Surplus has previously obtained a boat for the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, generators for the National Guard, and snow plows for the Division of Highways. More information on this program can be found here.