West Virginia Purchasing Division, State Agency for Surplus Property
West Virginia Purchasing Division, State Agency for Surplus Property


In addition to its public sales, WV Surplus operates a wide variety of programs to assist different organizations in our state.

Federal Programs

WV Surplus has the authority to oversee the donation of federal property through the Federal Donation Program and Federal Fixed Price Program. These programs are open to state agencies, local public entities, nonprofits, and veterans. For more information on these two programs, click here.


State Agencies

West Virginia state agencies are responsible for the management and disposal of their fixed assets. State agencies also receive a wide variety of benefits if they participate in the eligible organization program. For guidance on inventory management and information on benefits available to state agencies, click here.

Veterans Program

The Veterans Small Business Enhancement Act provides veteran-owned small businesses access to federal surplus personal property. Items frequently available include boats, vehicles, computers/electrical equipment, clothing/personal items, construction equipment, industrial/trade machinery, furniture, industrial/trade machines. For more information on this program which is overseen by WV Surplus, click here.

Eligible Organizations

WV Surplus operates a special program for eligible organizations which includes state agencies, 501(c) nonprofits, volunteer fire departments and more. This program allows registered organizations to have early access to state inventory, screen for federal property, discounts for large purchases, and other benefits. For more information on the eligible organization program, click here.

8(a) Businesses

Entities who are registered with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) Business Development Program are eligible to receive federal property through WV Surplus. Property available through the federal donation program includes vehicles, furniture, tools, and more. For more information on the 8(a) program operated by WV Surplus, click here.