West Virginia Purchasing Division, State Agency for Surplus Property
West Virginia Purchasing Division, State Agency for Surplus Property

State Agencies


​​​​The West Virginia State Agency for Surplus Property (WV Surplus) is proud to serve West Virginia state agencies. On this page, you will find more about who we are, the programs and services we offer to state agencies, and additional resources to help make your job easier.​​​

Our Role in State Government

WV Surplus is the entity responsible for providing guidance to state agencies related to the management of state-owned property​, including but not limited to entering reportable assets into the wvOASIS Fixed Assets System; conducting a physical inventory of assets, including vehicles, and certifying them annually; and disposing of property no longer needed. They also make state property available to state agencies at a reduced cost and may request federal property through the U.S. General Services Administration's Donation and Fixed Price Programs on behalf of state agencies.

​WV Surplus works directly with Asset Management Coordinators designated by agency heads to provide training and information on the policies and procedures related to inventory management. It also maintains a repository of forms to assist you in completing various tasks.​

Programs and Services

WV Surplus offers a variety of programs and services. Below are some of the benefits realized by state agencies and offered by WV Surplus:

  • ​Guidance on policies and procedures related to inventory management​
  • Want/watch lists
  • Discounts (25% off purchases of three or more items, excluding large ticket items such as vehicles)
  • Access to new items for up to five days before they become available to the public
  • Item holds for up to five days after payment is made
  • Inventory pickup and delivery
  • Test driving of vehicles
  • Screening of federal property
  • Requesting property through GovDeals
  • Requesting property through GSA's Donation Program or Fixed Price Program
  • Interdepartmental agency transfers
  • Sale on site
  • Reimbursement, when applicable

​Governing Authority

​WV Surplus, which falls statutorily under the West Virginia Purchasing Division, is granted the authority by W. Va. Code 5A-3-34 through 36 and W. Va. Code 5A-3-43 through 46 to provide oversight to the state's management of inventory, including tracking fixed assets and disposing of property no longer needed by the state.

Managing Inventory

If I am new to inventory management, what responsibilities should I consider?​
There are many responsibilities associated with the management of inventory. As part of these responsibilities, agencies should:
  • Designate an asset management coordinator (annually or as changes occur)
  • Conduct physical inventories and certification of those inventories annually, including of vehicles (to learn more about vehicle reporting and requirements, click here)
  • Enter new reportable property in the wvOASIS Fixed Assets System
  • Ensure all reportable assets are affixed with an Identification Tag
  • Send proper documentation for WV Surplus' approval for the disposition of property
How can I learn more about managing my agency's fixed assets?​
WV Surplus maintains a Surplus Property Operations Manual. The Manual, which is broken up into two parts, contains information on the program requirements necessary to obtain and dispose of property, as well as guides users through the wvOASIS Fixed Assets System.

Disposing of Property

​What do I need to do to request that WV Surplus staff pick up property from my location?
​When retiring property, an agency may call WV Surplus at 304-766-2626 to request that the property be picked up. Pickups are complimentary for agencies located in Charleston and the surrounding areas. A fee may apply for agencies located outside of Charleston. Once an agency has completed the appropriate disposal documents and obtained approval by WV Surplus, a staff member will call the agency's designated contact to schedule a date and time for the pickup. Please note that advanced notice is required, and pickups are scheduled as time allows.

Requesting Property

​How can my agency request state or federal property?
To obtain property from WV Surplus, an agency must have a current Application for Eligibility on file. This application gives agencies the ability to request and hold property from the WV Surplus warehouse for up to five days before it becomes available to the public; view and request property through GovDeals; request delivery of state property; and request federal property.

To learn more about the State and Federal Property Programs, click here.

Questions? Contact Us.

WV Surplus continually seeks ways to assist our state agency customers. Should you have any questions about the programs and services offered by WV Surplus, call 304-766-2626 or email WVSASP@wv.gov​.