West Virginia Purchasing Division, State Agency for Surplus Property
West Virginia Purchasing Division, State Agency for Surplus Property

Inventory Management

WV Surplus is responsible for providing oversight for the management of inventory to state agencies. This includes providing guidance on adding, tracking, and disposing of state-owned property. Complete information on the Inventory Management program can be found in the Surplus Property Operati​ons Manual.

Below are guidelines for vehicle reporting, as well as frequently used inventory management forms.

Inventory Management Documents

Vehicle Delivery Requirements
If a state agency is retiring a vehicle, please review the Used Vehicle Delivery Requirements.

Vehicle Reporting

State agencies are required to report all vehicles in wvOASIS except for vehicles financed through the Fleet Management Division (see section below). Please use the resources below to complete the process of adding vehicles to wvOASIS.

To ensure your vehicles are entered correctly, please enter your information using the following guidelines:
  • MANUFACTURER = Full Manufacturer Name
  • MODEL = Enter full name of vehicle model. Example: GRAND CHEROKEE
  • DRAWING = Enter the year of the vehicle. Example: 2018
  • SERIAL NUMBER = Enter the VIN of the vehicle. Note: VINs are usually 17 digits, no letter I or O
  • SPECIFICATION = Enter exterior vehicle color. Example: Blue, Silver

Vehicle Inventory

All Spending Units must annually affirm the accuracy of their vehicle Fixed Assets with WV Surplus on or before July 15th. Fixed asset coordinators may submit this information with the Vehicle Inventory Certification Cover Sheet.

Fleet Management Division Vehicles
Vehicles that are financed by the Fleet Management Division are not required to be entered within wvOASIS. The Fleet Management Division will enter those vehicles into the wvOASIS Fixed Assets System. To contact Fleet, please visit fleet.wv.gov​.